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Today we interviewed Ms. Pearl, creator of Buskers Bunkhouse in New Orleans, America’s Only Free Art Colony. Ms. Pearl is a phenomenal woman who houses artists from all over the world for free. She sleeps outside and offers her home to travelers & provides them with all of the support and resources they need to share their artwork and busk in the streets! She also plays a major role in maintaining the vibrant culture and community of the Bywater District by offering an open space to anyone and everyone who wants to create! She is so incredibly inspiring. To learn more about Ms. Pearl, check out or MYMIMEMSPEARL on YouTube!

Also, check out Kamp Katrina, a documentary about a small group of people who have taken refuge in a garden transformed into a tent city by the extraordinary Ms. Pearl and her husband, David. Kamp Katrina focuses on the dialectic between madness and hope in their pursuit of stability.